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The potential presence of Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in soil is cited in the OVAM’s newsletter of 26/11/2015. Recent technical reports show that PCBs are frequently more determined than generally assumed. They can originate from shallow excavation during road works.

To solve any problems, OVAM and the recognised soil management organisations state that during a change of “the standard procedure of formatting technical reports” ¼ of extra samples on PCBs should be analysed.

Pending this change, Abesim executed analyses on PCBs in some soil investigations to determine the real impact on the earthmoving. Taking account of the current applied standard for assessment on PCBs in soil, use outside the cadastral work area and as constructional or inherently stable product is not realistic sometimes. Consequently, the environmental quality of top layers underneath roads and roadsides had to be adjusted in some technical reports.

Abesim points out to be alert to potential PCBs and suggests to carry out enough analyses. This way, you could save any extra unbudgeted costs during your project.

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