Every research or expertise includes the task of clearly mapping everything and sometimes having a clear overview of everything is missing. Our drone / RPAS can easily be applied here as a tool for collecting data for our environmental and expertise projects.

Infrastructure & monitoring

Inspecting large buildings, installations or hard-to-reach places is not an easy task. With a drone one can do detailed inspections in places which are otherwise difficult or dangerous to access. Drone inspection enables access to otherwise inaccessible structures and details, offering immediate action as an alternative to more traditional, time consuming and costly inspection methods.

This approach ensures a risk-free inspection and clearly shows the current condition of the building or installation. Certain tall buildings or installations therefore no longer have to be ‘climbed’. With a drone, we can inspect them from the air on all sides and heights more efficiently!

Inspections in confined spaces: There is also a possibility to carry out inspections in small confined spaces. With a special drone we can perform a visual inspection in very complex environments. (example: warehouse, tank storage, ...)


  • Follow-up of a construction site and deviations or remarks can be demonstrated in a visual way.
  •  In case of damage or (environmental) calamities, we can help determine the cause and damage by sketching an overview


What is the exact area of this piece of land and which way does the water runoff flow on the surface? What is the volume of the soil piles present at the building site and how much will it cost to move them?

Answering such questions has previously involved labor-intensive measuring activities and calculations. Currently, a drone can gather the necessary spatial data in a fraction of time, covering a vast area in one flight. The results are accurate maps, elevation models and 3D models, allowing for the calculations to be made faster and with the accuracy that is needed. And did we mention that it looks cool too?

Marketing/ eventfotografie

The most obvious use of drones – Capturing important moments during a wedding, a concert or any other type of event requires perfect timing, strong piloting skills and indeed a good eye for perfect compositions and cinematic shots. A drone allows to take pictures and video footages from the air, often with an amazing visual results. It is a true skill to combine all these requirements, and still get the perfect shot. After all, you cannot “redo” what you missed!



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