Photography and drawings form a significant part of communication in general, and in particular in the work carried out by ABESIM. For coworker Paweł Kot his hobby and professional life flow through each other boundlessly in this initiative, a picture book focussing on essential elements from his surroundings and our professional life, referring (and with a nod) to the culture (mores) within ABESIM and illustrations by Norbert van Yperseele.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your visit on our exhibition. It was a pleasure to welcome you. We hope that the exhibition was just as interesting an informative for you as for us. 


“Everybody has their own view of the world.”

A cliché? A banality? Very much so. However, what makes this obvious statement important for me as a photographer, is that many people never make an effort to share their view with anyone else. And out of the ones that do, more and more do it hastily and on-the-go, without taking the time to think through the message they want to convey. My message is to take it slow. Look around yourself. Take some time to notice the beauty that surrounds you – you may be surprised where you end up finding it, but it’s there nonetheless. It’s also quite possible that no-one else noticed it before YOU did – and that’s where things start to get interesting. This collection of photographs results from my urge to see the seemingly unimportant details. From observing something by chance, with a corner of my eye, and stopping to examine it closer. From taking it slow up to a point, and than (in many cases) acting as fast as possible to capture the fleeting moment. Things rarely happen twice in exactly the same way, and those small variances make all the difference in the world. It’s really worth it to take some time to notice that, and capture the whole made up of these details.

Pawel Kot