Starting autumn 2018, processing companies will have to make a selection of the quality of the construction and demolition waste based on environmental risks.

In case of waste labelled with low environmental risk, the recycled granules will be limited polluted. Chances of pollution on granules in high environmental risk waste, however, are real. By pollution shall be understood: hazardous materials as asbestos-containing material, tar or PCB, disturbing materials as wood, autoclaved aerated concrete, glass, ceramic and others. A contractor can chose to apply the standard procedure of TRACIMAT (with no legal obligation) in order to obtain a certificate of low environmental risk waste. 

Without this certificate, the demolishing companies will label it as high environmental risk waste. Thus, the costs can be enormous.

The Tracimat procedure provides a format of a waste management plan including a demolition and/or asbestos inventory, made by a (neutral and independent) Tracimat expert. This expert supervises the demolition works. Abesim is a recognised Tracimat expert and a member of the Construction and Demolition Waste management organisation TRACIMAT.