ABESIM has purchased a compact sieving table for the execution of asbestos in soil and debris research, ideal for small sieving works or sieving in confined spaces.

The mesh opening of the nets can vary from 1 to 80 mm but with a sieve opening of 20 mm it is suitable for asbestos in soil and debris research in accordance with the standards for asbestos research as issued by OVAM and VITO. 

By using the sieve, the examined soil / debris is divided into two separate compartments, so that the required fractions for lab analyses and visual observations can be easily obtained. This makes it possible to examine the soil / debris more efficiently, faster, more ergonomically and more accurately than in the traditional way. The unique mobile design also ensures that we can easily move and fold the machine so that for example we can go through narrow doorways.

Contact us to see this sieving table - with professional operation - at work, but above all to obtain expert advice regarding possible asbestos problems!