Abesim - Certification à voler avec des drones modérés

We are pleased to inform you that services portfolio of Abesim Polska Sp. o.o has been extended in a new direction. Our company has become one of the first engineering offices in Poland to utilize UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or to put it simply - drones. They will be used as a highly effective tool for collecting spatial data required for our environmental projects, as well as a standalone product, useful also in applications not related to environmental pollution.

Our new services include (among others):

  • Technical inspections of: o Roofs and facades of buildings, including large-scale objects
    • for wind power plants, photovoltaic
    • power plants
    • chimneys, industrial installations
    • road and energy infrastructure
  • Professional orthophotomaps and 3D terrain models
  • Aerial mapping of crop damage, creating documentation for experts
  • Photographic documentation of investment and post-investment areas
  • Aerial documentation of the progress of construction work (change management)
  • Documentation of traffic accidents and serious industrial accidents
  • Documentation of fire damage
  • Searching for missing persons, etc.
  • Vertical Photography, useful for creating Spatial Development Plans, etc.
  • Promotional photos and videos - emphasizing attractiveness of the location and architectural values of the property
  • Photographic material or filmovie documenting any event,
  • Unique outdoor shots of mass events, cultural events, etc